Pagina principale Phenomenon: Everything You Need to Know About The Paranormal

Phenomenon: Everything You Need to Know About The Paranormal

There’s no slowing down for Sylvia Browne. For nearly fifty years she has been giving countless readers and listeners spiritual advice and psychic predictions. Browne offers her fans a complete guide to all things unexplainable. In Phenomenon, an A-to-Z compendium of everything on The Other Side that influence our life here on Earth, Browne provides evocative stories and useful explanations to help make life on The Other Side real for readers. It also features approximately twenty illustrations that will accompany some of the entries, including: -Atlantis—Where did it go and when will it return? -Clairvoyance—How do you know if you have the gift? -D?j? vu—Are past lives the answer to this strange phenomenon? -Ghosts—Who are they? -Miracles—Can they happen every day? -Numerology—How does this affect us? -Reincarnation—Have we lived before? -Sorcery—Is this something we should fear? -Zombies—Are they only in horror movies? An easy-to-use reference full of hope and guidance, Phenomenon is sure to have wide appeal among Browne’s loyal fans and anyone in search of signs of the afterlife.
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Visits from the Afterlife
Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams
Past Lives, Future Healing
Blessings from the Other Side
Life on the Other Side
The Other Side and Back
Adventures of a Psychic

Lindsay Harrison

Everything You Need to
Know About the Paranormal


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For Angelia,
whose research made all the difference
and whose love I cherish with all my heart.


For Eugenie,
and the Angels she and Teddy will send next
to take care of George, Willie and me.






Akashic Records




Altered State (of Consciousness)












Astral Catalepsy


Astral Projection


Astral Travel








Axis Mundi













The Boogeyman


Cell Memory






The Chart














The Cosmic Other Side


The Council




Crystals and Gems






The Dark Side


Déjà Vu




Dharma and Karma
























Etheric Substance


Exit Points








Father God










Hall of Justice


Hall of Records


Hall of Tones




Hall of Voices


Hall of Wisdom




The Holding Place


Host of Heaven




Imitative Magic






Infused Knowledge






Kindred Soul


Kinetic Energy


Kirlian Photography


The Left Door








Life Force


Life Themes






Master Teachers






Mind Theory


Mission Life Entities


Morphic Resonance


Mystical Travelers


Near-Death Experiences


Night Terrors










Option Lines




The Other Side


Ouija Board












Points of Entry








Psychic Attacks


Psychic Energy Vortex


Psychic Forensics












The Rapture


Regressive Hypnosis




Remote Viewing




The Scanning Machine






The Seven Levels of Advancement






Silver Cord






Spirit Guide
























Third Eye


Tools of Protection




The Towers






The Tunnel




The Underworld


















White Light




Witchcraft, Witches and Warlocks




Yin and Yang









This book is devoted to both defining and describing, with examples,
many words that are commonly used in the world of the paranormal.
Happily, some of these words have become part of the mainstream vocabulary. But I know you’re still having experiences that confuse you,
or frighten you, or that you simply don’t understand. You’re not eager
to confide in anyone about these experiences, because you’re sure
they’ll think you’re crazy; but you’d feel so much better knowing there
really is an explanation for what happened, that there are even words
for these things and that there are other perfectly sane people they’ve
happened to.
Fifty years ago, when I started doing readings and making public
appearances as a psychic, the world wasn’t sure whether to bless me
or burn me. As time has gone on, more and more people are figuring
out that so-called “psychic phenomena” aren’t so unnatural or uncommon after all; that the worlds of the paranormal and spirituality are
handmaidens to each other; and that both can actually deepen and
enhance a whole spectrum of even the most devout religious beliefs.
There’s no devil’s work involved in studying new ways to affirm our sacred, eternal connection to God, which is the real bottom line to my
life’s passion. In fact, the devil, if there were such a thing, would be
Through my eyes, the paranormal world isn’t all that mysterious,



and it’s certainly not scary. Come to think of it, there’s only one story
in this entire book in which you’ll find me downright terrified. Other
than that, this paranormal world in which I spend a great deal of my
time is fascinating, informative, thrilling and God-centered at every
turn. It’s those adjectives that I would love to inspire in you as well, as
have you make friends with the words and explanations you’ll find between these covers. I would love to remove the mystery, lift the veil
and shine a light on those monsters in your room you’ve spent your life
being afraid of, to show you that it’s just a harmless pile of clothes on a
You’ll find words in this book you might not be expecting. There
are other words you might be expecting that you won’t find here. The
master list that Lindsay; our editor, Brian Tart; and I started with has
been revised a hundred times, with the yardstick probably getting a little blurry in the process. I can promise you that I’ve either researched
or had personal experience with every word, that I have strong and potentially controversial opinions on every word (there’s a surprise) and
that no opinion goes unexpressed (another surprise). For better or
worse, the ship has sailed on my ability to appear wishy-washy about
much of anything.
I genuinely hope this book won’t just sit on a shelf in your home
but that it will actually become your companion, something you’ll
reach for to find comfort, to satisfy a passing curiosity, just for fun or,
most of all, to reavow your soul’s certainty that there’s Something and
Someone magnificent beyond you, whom you’re a part of and who’s as
much a part of you as your soul itself.
My Spirit Guide Francine says, “If you can think of the question,
the answer is available.” May this book be full of available answers for
many of your most heartfelt questions, now and always.

Affirmations are declarations of our worthiest goals and our sacred responsibilities to ourselves as treasured children of God. Repeating
those declarations often enough that our subconscious minds accept
them as fact and guide our behavior accordingly is what makes affirmations a powerful spiritual tool that anyone can use. Through affirmations we can declare ourselves healthier, stronger, more positive,
more successful, kinder, more patient, more confident, more courageous, more responsible, more spiritually attuned—whatever will help
us love ourselves more. If prayers are acknowledgments of reverence
to that God “out there” who’s with each of us at every eternal moment,
affirmations are those same acknowledgments to that God “in here,”
in the very genetic makeup of our souls.
Religion and literature have provided us with many beautiful affirmations, and I’ve included several of my own that appear at the end of
this entry. By all means find, learn and use every affirmation that resonates in your soul. But affirmations you create yourself, spoken out
loud or silently from the depth of your heart, will be just as effective as
the most eloquent affirmations ever written.
If you’re not sure you believe affirmations will really work, just
think about the “negative affirmations” you’ve accepted as truth in



your life. “You’re useless/stupid/pathetic/an idiot.” “You’ll never amount
to anything.” “You can’t do anything right.” “You’d never make it without me.” “You’re fat/ugly/too short/too tall/too skinny.” “You’re such a
loser.” Sadly, you’ve probably heard some variation on at least one of
those over and over and over again from a supposed loved one in your
life. And even more sadly, you’ve learned to believe them. Why? Because you’ve heard them so often, right? Well, you can learn to believe
their exact opposites if you hear them every bit as often, and that is
where affirmations come in. Your first affirmations can be a counterattack to anything and everything negative about your self-image, no
matter where it comes from.
And I do mean no matter where it comes from. Putting yourself
down, even jokingly, or allowing anyone around you to insult you,
through words or behavior, doesn’t just cause erosive psychic damage,
it’s also a form of sacrilege when you think about it. Who does anyone
think they are, after all, to be anything less than respectful to one of
God’s children?
For every insult anyone aims at you, or ever has aimed at you, by
their words or by their actions, make it a habit to neutralize it with an
affirmation, over and over again, until you believe your affirmation
more surely than you could ever believe anything negative about yourself. Try replacing insults and negativity with affirmations for three
short months, and I promise you will be amazed at the changes you’ll
see in yourself.
Once you’ve used affirmations to enhance your self-confidence
and self-respect, and learned that affirmations really do work, you can
start using them toward achieving your highest, worthiest aspirations.
Of course, you can try it the other way around if you want—you can
start with affirmations about that spouse or family or career or lifestyle
you’ve always wanted. And if your goal is simply securing those things,
it will probably work.
If your goal is actually keeping them, though, and finding the fulfillment in them that’s exactly what’s making you yearn for them in the

Sylvia Browne


first place, the answers lie in you, and in the certainty of your Godgiven worthiness that daily affirmations will help to create and help
you never to forget.
To give you an idea of how limitless and personalized affirmations
can be as you gather and compose your own, here are a few that I’ve
used myself over the years. Please feel free to adopt any of them that
resound in your soul.

“Today, through every hour, I will picture myself being carried inside a perfect white bubble of God’s pure loving light. And as a
defense against my enemies, I will surround them with that
same bubble of God’s light, so that He may disarm and dissolve
the negativity and darkness that I no longer tolerate or engage in.”


“Today I ask every cell in my body to respond and react as they
did at the age I felt my healthiest, most energetic best. I will
negate all illness, knowing that my mind is stronger than my
body and my spirit mind can transcend them both and create
miracles, with God’s blessing.”


“I will move closer today to becoming the person I wish to be. By
making a list of all the undesirable things that I’ve allowed to become my habits and my self-imposed obstacles, I will find the
clear vision to affirm and celebrate all the wonderful things that
I am and build on those toward spiritual perfection.”


“On this day I declare with the almighty strength of God’s power
that I deserve abundance and the financial means to be comfortable, and that I will joyfully use that abundance as a celebration
of the law of karma—the more of it I share with the truly needy
and deserving, the more of it will come back to me, multiplied
by His grace and thanks.”


“I will listen closely today to my body. I will not negate any pain
or illness that needs expert medical attention. But any chronic



or minor pain or illness I will condense into a ball of fire, release
it from my body, secure it in a safe of thick lead and blow it up
into a harmless impotent vapor.”

“I am from God. I am part of God, and God is part of me. Therefore I cannot be diminished. I am strong, I am loved and I am
loving, because I am living this and every day in accordance with
God’s great plan.”


“As I face my grief today, I will not bury it, but instead I will consent to it. And by consenting to it, I ask God to help me draw
strength from His divine plan and guidance and surround me
with His Angels, knowing the truth that I will see and share eternity with my loved ones again in the perfect joy of the Other


“I will love myself completely today, regarding myself with pride
and honor. Because my soul and my spirit come from God, I
cherish myself too much to let anyone abuse or defame me in
any way.”

I’ve turned the use of affirmations into a ritual that I have found to be
incredibly powerful and healing. This keeps me centered in an often
maddening world, and I believe it provides protection, calm, reassurance and, most important, love. I hope you will join me in this ritual.
It will help you. For nine nights, at precisely 9:00, light a candle and
“I am a blessed child of God. I am well. I am happy.
Great abundance is on its way because, as God’s child,
I am empowered to create miracles.”

Sylvia Browne


Akashic Records
There seems to be general agreement among the majority of the
world’s faiths, cultures and philosophies that the Akashic Records exist. What’s not quite as unanimously agreed upon is where they exist
and how to describe exactly what they are.
The Hindus, whose religion is thought to date back as far as
4000 B.C., believe in a universal substance called “akasha,” from
which the natural elements of fire, water, air and earth were created.
Eternally imprinted on that substance is every thought, word and action in the history of the universe, collectively called the Akashic
The brilliant prophet and clairvoyant Edgar Cayce wasn’t as specific about the existence of an “akasha” substance. But he certainly
believed in the existence of the Akashic Records, which he perceived
to be the collective memories and histories of every thought, sound,
physical and emotional vibration, major event and incidental moment
in eternity, an atmospheric presence that affects us all and we all affect with every breath we take. In his “Reading 294-19 Report File,”
Cayce detailed one of his visits to the Akashic Records:
“I see myself as a tiny dot out of my physical body, which lies inert
before me. I find myself oppressed by darkness and there is a feeling of terrific loneliness. Suddenly, I am conscious of a white beam
of light. As this tiny dot, I move upward following the light, knowing that I must follow it or be lost. . . . I become conscious of
sounds, at first indistinct rumblings, then music, laughter, and
singing of birds. There is more and more light, the colors become
very beautiful, and there is the sound of wonderful music. . . .
Quite suddenly I come upon a hall of records. . . . I am conscious
of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom I seek information.”



Carl Jung, the noted psychologist, preferred to describe the
Akashic Records as a powerful, tangible force of nature throughout
the universe that he called the Collective Unconscious, kind of an
eternal and infinite embodiment of the principle that for every action
there’s an equal and opposite reaction.
My definition of the Akashic Records is consistent with those
philosophies. The Akashic Records are the entire sacrosanct body of
God’s knowledge, laws and memories. They’re absolutely imprinted on
the ether of every planet, solar system and galaxy God created. But
they also very literally exist in written form, perfectly printed in the
universal language of Aramaic, in a magnificent building on the Other
Side called the Hall of Records.
We have the honor of perpetual access to the Akashic Records
when we’re at Home on the Other Side. Our spirits, safely housed in
our subconscious minds, have perpetual access to them as well during
our fleeting incarnations here on earth. During sleep, hypnosis, meditation or physiological unconsciousness, when our noisy, chaotic, conscious minds are temporarily out of the way, our spirits know exactly
where the Akashic Records are and how to get there. We turn to them
more often than we consciously realize for answers, for clarity, for
comfort and for the nourishment only God can provide.
Please don’t let me create the mistaken impression that among the
impossibly vast aisles of the Hall of Records, taking up an incomprehensible amount of space on shelves more endless than we can imagine, there are actual volumes entitled “Akashic Records.” Instead, let
the correct impression wash over you that as you stand inside this very
real, unimaginably infinite structure and try to take in scrolls upon
scrolls upon scrolls, volumes upon volumes upon volumes, lined on
shelves upon shelves upon shelves far beyond what the eyes can begin
to see, you’re gazing at a fraction of the entirety of the Akashic
Records. They have no beginning. They have no end. They are being
added to with every passing moment of every life, every new thought,
every spirit entering a fetus, every spirit returning Home. The Hall of

Sylvia Browne


Records contains the Akashic Records, but it can also be said that
every fluid word contained within the infinite Hall of Records is the
Akashic Records, and that they’ve been added to considerably since
you began reading this paragraph.
I was doing a hypnosis session many years ago with a client I’ll call
Susan, letting her spirit mind take her wherever it wanted. The more
she talked, the more aware I was that her spirit was on a journey far,
far away from the room we were sitting in. It’s hard to describe how
and why this particular session was so intense for me, but I remember
an odd sense that something significant was happening when I finally
asked, “Where are you, Susan?”
She began to describe a vast domed building, with aisle after aisle after aisle as far as the eye could see, containing an infinite number of
shelves that held an even more infinite number of scrolls. As her description became more detailed, I recognized it as a place I’d traveled to myself—she was walking through The Hall of Records on the Other Side.
And to my shock, for the first and only time during a hypnosis session, I realized that I was with her, in those stunning, endless aisles
full of charts and literature and maps and art and wisdom and
thoughts that make up the body of God’s Akashic Records.
I started to say something but immediately stopped myself, not
wanting to lead her. It turned out I didn’t need to say a word. She said
it instead: “You’re here with me.”
She walked us through that amazing place beneath that magnificent dome until suddenly I noticed a beautiful dark-haired woman
in blue gossamer in the distance, several aisles away, approaching us. I
knew it was Susan’s Spirit Guide, and I knew her name was Rachel.
Still I kept my mouth shut. Again Susan spoke up. “Someone’s with us.”
I was straining to keep the excitement out of my voice at such immediate, undeniable validation that our spirits really were on this trip
together. I simply, quietly asked her who it was. She answered, “It’s a
woman. She has dark hair. I don’t know why, but I think she’s my
Spirit Guide.”



At that instant Rachel saw us and called out, “Susan . . . !” I bit my
tongue, determined not to make a sound and keep letting Susan, not
me, stay in the lead. Sure enough, Susan breathlessly said, “Did you
hear that?”
I asked what she’d heard.
She replied, “She said my name.”
It was a heart-stopping moment. Almost as heart-stopping as the
discovery we made when we played back the audio tape of that session. My voice clearly said, “Who’s with us?” Susan’s voice clearly said,
“It’s a woman. She has dark hair. I don’t know why, but I think she’s
my Spirit Guide.”
And then a third voice, clear as a bell on the tape, said, “Susan . . . !”
Her Spirit Guide, Rachel, as audible in my office through the tiny
speaker of my mundane tape recorder as she’d been standing among
the glorious sanctity of the Akashic Records beneath that white marble dome of the Hall of Records on the Other Side. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you the Akashic Records aren’t real, that they’re just a
lovely bit of imagery or a philosophical metaphor. I’ve seen them.
Whether you consciously remember or not, so have you, during astral
trips here on earth and during your rich, full life at Home.
This is an eternal universe God has created for us, just as He Himself is eternal. There is no time in eternity, no past, present or future.
There’s nothing but now. So God’s written body of knowledge includes
everything that ever has been and everything that ever will be, in that
most hallowed hall full of pages called the Akashic Records.

Alchemy is an ancient practice in which metallurgy, medicine, mysticism, chemistry and religion were blended together into an optimistic
worldwide school of thought.
There were several goals involved in alchemy, but the most famous
of them was the effort to transform base metals into gold or silver. As

Sylvia Browne


blatantly greedy as that motivation seems at first glance, alchemists’
beliefs were consistent with the general belief systems of the ancient
world. And among those beliefs was an inseparable bond between the
physical and the spiritual/metaphysical. Trying to turn base metals
into precious metals was symbolic of alchemists’ simultaneous hope of
bringing the universe closer to its highest potential, physically and
spiritually. Gold was thought to be as close to perfection as an earthly
substance could get, both beautiful and immune to corruption. So the
alchemists’ further hope was that if they could find the key to gold’s
durable longevity, maybe in the process they could also unearth the
secret to curing diseases.
Essential to the process of changing base metals into precious
metals was the elusive, mystical Philosopher’s Stone. It actually wasn’t
a stone at all, but a “medicine,” with a recipe so cryptic and filled with
arcane symbolism that it’s no wonder the Philosopher’s Stone was so
rare and the object of centuries of searching, speculating and fantasizing. Two of the ingredients, for example, were said to be “philosophical mercury” and “philosophical sulphur.” How exactly to blend them
is a whole series of mysteries in itself, but they’re not properly combined until they’ve achieved perfect unity. Once the Philosopher’s
Stone was somehow achieved, its applications could be understood
only “with the help of the Holy Ghost.” The reward wasn’t just creating gold out of lead, though. The Philosopher’s Stone was also believed to be a source of great wisdom, power and healing, to have the
ability to restore youth and to purify the body of potentially fatal germs
and illnesses.
The Philosopher’s Stone was the essence of the second genuine
intention of ancient alchemy: to discover an elixir that would cure all
diseases and indefinitely extend human life expectancy.
Last and certainly not least, it was the ultimate aspiration of alchemy
to develop the ability to create human life.
The study and practice of alchemy and its variations managed to
last for two thousand years before modern science, modern chemistry,



modern medicine and modern metallurgy began unraveling the majority of the foundations on which alchemy was based.
It hasn’t completely vanished from today’s world, though—even
now the concept of finding a way to purify the earth’s resources and
the human spirit at the same time, and to explore and validate through
the sciences the connection between the soul and the Creator, is irresistible to some modern-day alchemists who quietly keep right on
working—some with the most fraudulent intentions, but a handful
still earnestly trying to keep an ancient discipline alive.

Altered State (of Consciousness)
This is a term that gained enormous popularity during the New Age
era, which made it seem like something that’s accessible only to a
highly educated, highly experienced, very “in” handful of believers in
trance, meditation or yoga.
Here’s the truth: Altered states of consciousness happen to most of
us one way or another on a regular basis.
An altered state of consciousness is simply a state in which the
mind conceives, perceives and processes information in a different
way than it normally does.
That includes trances, meditation, astral travel, hypnosis (regressive and otherwise), clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and
most other forms of psychic and paranormal experiences.
It also includes dreams, daydreams, taking most recreational and
prescription drugs and drinking enough alcohol that you feel its effects.
Now, obviously, those lists include voluntary altered states of consciousness we can control—essentially the items listed in that first
paragraph—and those we can’t control. And yes, you might look at
items like drugs and alcohol and think you have control over those as
well. After all, if you indulge at all, you choose what quantity over
what length of time, right?
But what you don’t control when your state of consciousness is

Sylvia Browne


altered by any foreign substance is the exact way and extent to which
it will be altered on any given occasion. You know as well as I do that
there are any number of variables involved in the effect your usual
amount of alcohol or drugs has on you, and that even if you’re mellow
or hilarious eight times out of ten when you’re high, you could turn
angry, aggressive and obnoxious those other two times without having
the slightest idea which way it might go before you choose to indulge.
“Let’s face it, not having the slightest idea which way it might go” is
the antithesis of control.
And then there are the hallucinogens and club drugs—LSD, peyote, Ecstasy, crystal meth, an apparently resurging cocaine, GBX and
other currently chic street pharmaceuticals, all of which are popular
precisely for their reputation for being mind/consciousness altering.
There again, while a temporary loss of control and break from reality
might sound like a refreshing change of pace, not to mention a stress
reliever to beat all others, the most conspicuous alteration you’ll notice in your consciousness is that every one of your abilities to make
choices, rational or just plain nuts, will go right out the window. Hallucinations might sound intriguing if you’ve never experienced them,
but you’ll have no control over how unforgettably horrifying those hallucinations might be. The rushes of Ecstasy or crystal meth or cocaine
might sound, or even feel, like that first downhill plummet on a
thrilling roller coaster, or they might just as easily make you so paranoid that you can no longer distinguish your friends from your enemies. GBX could possibly heighten a sexual experience, but more
likely it will render you completely unconscious and subject you to the
whim of whomever happens to be around at the moment. And in not
one of those cases will the choice be yours, once you’ve stepped over
those particular pharmaceutical lines. Will your mind conceive, perceive and process information in a different way than it normally
does? Absolutely. Does that qualify drugs and other intoxicants as inducing an altered state of consciousness? Obviously. But with so many
ways to arrive at altered states of consciousness available that don’t



rob us of our choices—and let’s face it, choices equal freedom, which
we can’t forfeit at any cost—why on earth not opt for one of those that
leave the control in our hands where it belongs?

The word “amulet” can be traced back to a few Latin words and terms
that translate to “means of defense.” So appropriately, an amulet is a
token of some kind worn in many cultures to ward off evil. Whether
it’s small bags of dust from tombs, pouches of tobacco, jewelry made
of precious and semiprecious stones shaped like scarab beetles or
rams or crescent moons, or crystals and bells sewn into the hems of
garments, there’s no limit to the forms amulets can take or the variety
of faiths who wouldn’t dream of leaving home without them.
An amulet serves a slightly different purpose from its cousin, a
regularly worn token called a talisman, which is thought to bring good
luck. Trying to trace the very beginning of belief in amulets is virtually
impossible. But since they’re depicted on walls of ancient Egyptian
writings and were often buried with mummies, it’s not a stretch to theorize that even the caveman might
have carried a symbol of protection.
I have to admit, it makes me smile
when I travel, especially in Egypt,
Greece and Turkey, and notice how
sheepish people look when I ask
them about the amulets they’re wearing. They rush to tell me they don’t
really believe in them, they’re not
really superstitious, but . . . And to
be fair, I’m not superstitious either,
but I don’t blame people for hedging
The Eye of Horus:
their bets, and inevitably these same
an Egyptian amulet
generous, sheepish people send me

Sylvia Browne


home with a fresh supply of amulets, not one of which I would ever
part with.
With a couple of provisions, I actually think there can be some
value in carrying or wearing amulets and other symbols. One of those
provisions is moderation. I have a dear actress friend who was complaining one night at dinner that her neck was so stiff and aching she
could barely move her head. I asked if it might have something to do
with the twenty pounds or so of crystal necklaces she happened to be
“These?” she asked as if I were either crazy or stupid. “Don’t you
know how healing crystals are?”
I guess she didn’t get the irony of that statement. She still insists
on draping herself in healing crystal necklaces, her neck still hurts,
and she’s sure I don’t know what I’m talking about when I try to explain to her that one crystal can be just as powerful as a hundred (and
a lot less heavy).
Which leads to the other provision: Keep in mind that crystals,
amulets and any other symbols you choose to carry or wear have no
power at all of their own. They’re exactly as blessed, protective, healing, energizing or calming as you believe them to be—no more, no
less—because they can be wonderfully helpful, tangible reminders of
priorities on which you want to focus your own God-given, God-centered
energy. The one piece of jewelry I’m never without, for example, is my
Celtic cross. You’ll never see me without it, on TV, at lectures, traveling, anywhere. I don’t wear it to please God so He’ll give me more protection or better luck. I wear it because it’s the symbol of Gnostic
Christianity; I’m a Gnostic Christian, and as a Gnostic Christian I already have all the protection and all the luck I need. (At its most
ridiculously, overly simplified, Gnostic Christianity is the belief that
we each have, not around us but within us, the divine spirit of our
Creator. That divine spirit within us connects us all, and our most
worthwhile spiritual journeys lead us not “outward” but “inward,”
where the answers lie.)



So when it comes to amulets, my position is, go right ahead and
wear one if you want. Then, each and every time you so much as
glance at it, let it cue you to surround yourself at that same moment
with the sacred white light of the Holy Spirit. And what do you know,
that amulet will end up having a dazzling ability to protect you after

One of the most common misconceptions about Angels is that if we
and/or our loved ones live fine, pure, reverent lives here on earth, we
can aspire to become Angels someday when we’re on the Other Side
again. While it’s a lovely thought, it just happens to be impossible.
Please don’t let that fact be discouraging, as if our worth in God’s
eyes is somehow diminished by our inability to ascend to membership
in that divine, glorious legion of winged protectors. God doesn’t place
greater value on His Angels than He places on us. He cherishes us
equally and unconditionally. We’re not prevented from becoming Angels because He finds us unworthy. We’re prevented by simple physiology: Angels and people are two different species.
The easiest way to remember the distinction between Angels and
us is that Angels never incarnate as people. They never live a life on
earth in a human body. They’re able to take human form to accomplish brief missions here on earth, but you’ll notice that in every one of
the literally millions of stories of earthly Angel encounters, the person/
Angel seems to appear out of nowhere and vanish again just as quickly.
That’s because Angels come and go for our benefit from their Home,
which is exclusively on the Other Side.
Angels also never speak. Their communication is exclusively telepathic, although it’s so powerful that humans often come away from
contact with them convinced that words were actually spoken. It’s
not that they don’t have voices. They certainly do, and the beauty of
their voices is impossible to capture with any adjectives in our

Sylvia Browne



vocabulary. But the voices of Angels are reserved for only one purpose:
to celebrate the glory of God through soaring hymns of praise that resound throughout heaven and the universe and have, on at least one
occasion, found their way to earth. (See “Hall of Voices.”)
While some Angels are given proper names in the Bible and other
religious works—Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, for example—the
truth is, Angels are androgynous. There aren’t male Angels and female
Angels. Their bodies and facial features are identically exquisite. They
transcend and encompass all races when it comes to coloring, and
they vary their coloring appropriately for their brief visits here. But
everyone who sees them, both on earth and at Home, notices that
their skin seems almost to sparkle, as if the sun is perpetually glistening off of it. In fact, the source of this very special effect isn’t external,
but internal. Angels are quite literally illuminated from within by the
loving, sacred, perfect light of their Creator, which is their essence.
Within the vast population of Angels, there are eight levels, or
“ranks,” in a way, if we can make sure the word “importance” never interferes with the word “ranks.” (There are no more or less important
Angels, no matter what the level or rank.) Angels earn advancement
from one level to the next based on their body of experience, and with
each new level comes more power. In other words, whether they’re



protecting us from harm, saving lives, bringing us messages, performing miracles or simply infusing us with sudden moments of love or joy
or comfort or hope when we least expect them, Angels are eternally
accumulating experiences. The more vast the body of experience, the
higher the level. And the higher the level, the more powerful the Angel.
All eight levels of Angels are charged with being God’s mightiest,
most direct link between earth and the Other Side, the messengers,
protectors and miracle workers He sends us. They’re physically distinguished from each other at Home by the color of their wings. In ascending order, from the least experienced and powerful to the most,
these are the eight levels:

Angels — dusty, gray-white wings
✴ Archangels — pure white wings
✴ Cherubim — white wings with gold tips
✴ Seraphim — white wings with silver tips
✴ Virtues — pale blue wings
✴ Dominions — green wings
✴ Thrones — deep purple wings
✴ Principalities — solid brilliant gold wings
The first seven levels of Angels can take the initiative to intervene
on our behalf in a crisis, available to us in the blink of an eye whether
God sends them or they sense our need on their own. The stunningly
powerful Principalities, on the other hand, come only through a combination of God’s command and our very specific call for them. The
Principalities can create miracles, prevent fatalities and turn around
even the most seemingly lost, misguided lives.
In addition to the countless Angels who constantly watch over us
during these brief trips away from Home we hilariously refer to as
“life,” we’re also assigned our own Angels on the Other Side before we
come here. The more difficult the goals and challenges we’ve laid out
for ourselves (see “The Chart”), the greater the number or levels of

Sylvia Browne


Angels who’ll be specially designated on our behalf to keep an extra
eye out for us. It’s also worth mentioning that the more spiritually
open, generous and conscious we become, the more added Angels
gather around us, drawn like moths to a flame as the light of God’s
love inside us begins to glow so brightly that we almost sparkle like the
Angels themselves.

On a huge scale, so grand it’s virtually useless to the vast majority of
us, “apotheosis” means the deification of humankind to the rank of
gods. On a much more practical, personal level, it means that as we
each continue to explore all aspects of our connection to God, we’re
on our own step-by-step elevation to the Divine.
I’ve been doing readings for fifty years. Only in the last ten or so
have people been showing genuine concern about whether or not
they’re on track with their life chart, what their purpose is for being
here and if they’re fulfilling that purpose. There’s a groundswell of inner
consciousness going on, a growing Homesickness for our God-center,
not a fad as we’ve seen in past decades, but a heartfelt realization that
without an active, fully expressed relationship with our Father, we’re
not whole.
A client I’ll call Martha started her reading the other day by asking
about her Life Theme, her purpose for being here. I told her she actually had two: rejection and caretaker.
She was shocked. “Rejection?!” she protested. “I haven’t been
I admit it: Every time a client asks me a question, I give an honest/
psychic answer and they immediately argue with me; I find myself
wondering why they bothered to come see me. If they’d prefer to answer all their own questions, I could just sit there and nod like an airhead no matter what they say. But let’s face it, it’s not exactly my style.
In Martha’s case, I decided to argue back by giving her a few headlines



of her life instead of being polite and waiting for her to give them
to me.
“You haven’t been rejected? You weren’t given up by your mother
and then placed in an orphanage when you were two years old?” I
asked her.
“Well, yes, but . . .”
“And didn’t your husband walk out on you and your three children?”
Her voice was a little quieter for, “Yes.”
“And then a jealous co-worker pulled some dirty tricks and got you
This time she only nodded.
“And none of this strikes you as rejection?”
She shrugged a little, embarrassed. “I honestly never thought of it
that way. And things are much better now.”
“I know they are,” I told her. “Of course they are. Because you’ve
managed to learn from all this and let it make you stronger, instead of
weaker and self-pitying. And now you’re taking care of your family, especially your elderly adoptive parents, right?”
She nodded again.
“That’s called being a caretaker, Martha.”
She was genuinely surprised. And this was not a stupid woman.
She was just experiencing something that happens to a lot of us: seeing her life through someone else’s eyes and really understanding how
far she’d come. And in seeing her life through a spiritual psychic’s
eyes, she also proved to herself that no matter what it takes, no matter
how hard it is, even in a life like Martha’s in which it looked as if
everyone else were pulling the strings, we will stay true to the course
of our charts, and we will follow our Life Themes.
When she tried to argue with me, and when any of you try to argue
with me, make no mistake about it, I really do know it’s only your conscious mind that’s putting up a fight, just like mine does when I get in
my own way. But your spirit mind already knows everything I ever tell
you. When some combination of it and I manage to penetrate the

Sylvia Browne


noise and the stress and the earthly trivia your conscious mind is so
preoccupied with, and I see that recognition and connection with
your spirit light up in your eyes, it literally sends a thrill through me
every time that has nothing to do with me at all. I’m simply witnessing
your glimpse of the truth that I pray you’ll hold on to, cherish and
celebrate—the truth that there is a spirit inside you, a spirit that always was and always will be, created and loved by no less than God
You are God’s child. His direct descendant.
Never let a day go by when you don’t let that truth light up in your
Never let a day go by without your own apotheosis, your own elevation to the Divine.

The spirit world can and does manipulate physical objects here on
earth in some marvelous, dramatic ways, often transporting them
through space and seemingly impenetrable barriers so that they appear in places we would swear they can’t possibly be. That wonderful
manipulation is called apport, or apportation.
Sadly, infuriatingly and/or unfairly, the spirit world isn’t always
given the credit it deserves for apportation. Most often, we frantically
search for any earthly explanation, no matter how idiotic, when even a
glaring example of apportation occurs—absent-mindedness, carelessness, burglars with a sudden attack of conscience, anything but the
simple truth that the spirit world tries in countless ways to get our attention and let us know they’re with us.
A client recently shared a typical, lovely story that illustrates the
phenomenon of apportation beautifully. Her father had passed away
after a long illness. She and her two brothers meticulously followed
every one of the requests in his will when planning his funeral, from
the music he specified to the white suit he wanted to wear and, most



especially, his beloved mother’s one-of-a-kind engraved, hand-carved
rosary, which he wanted to be holding as he was buried. She and her
brothers each kissed the rosary in his lifeless hands as a last loving
farewell at the gravesite in the moments before his casket slowly descended to its final resting place.
They weren’t sure whether to be frightened or deeply moved when
they gathered in the kitchen of the family home for breakfast early the
next morning and found that engraved, hand-carved rosary gleaming
in the middle of the table where a ray of sunlight could find it through
the nearby window.
I’m happy to report that they spent only a few minutes ruling out
those earthly explanations I mentioned earlier. Yes, it was definitely
the same one-of-a-kind rosary their father had asked to be buried
with. No, it wasn’t possible that all three of them had forgotten to put
it in his casket with him, and then simply imagined kissing it as they
said good-bye to him and watched him disappear six feet into the
ground with it wrapped around his hands.
Which meant there were only two ways it could have found its way
to the middle of the kitchen table that morning.
Either someone dug up their father’s grave during the night without being noticed, absconded with the rosary, drove two hours to the
family home, crept into the house, left the rosary and crept out again
without setting off the elaborate alarm system, or . . .
Their father, from the spirit world, had apported the rosary to that
table as proof to his children that he was alive and well.
Now, between those two alternatives, can you honestly say the first
explanation is more logical than that gorgeous, surprisingly common
wave from a loving spirit called apportation?
And by the way, sometimes earthly explanations are the logical,
correct ones. You’ll never hear me suggest that every time something
turns up in an odd place, or gets misplaced and then found again, it’s
the spirit world at work. I’m simply saying that when an object shows
up somewhere that seems virtually impossible, or that you know with

Sylvia Browne


absolute certainty wasn’t there when you looked there earlier, just
smile to yourself, recognize the probability of an apport and say thank
you to that spirit who’s asking to be noticed.

The Biblical book of Revelations contains a verse (16:16) that reads,
“And they assembled them at the place which is called in Hebrew
Armageddon.” That’s the one and only time the word “Armageddon”
appears in the entirety of the Bible. And yet Armageddon has become
a dreaded synonym for the final battle between good and evil, Christ
and the Antichrist, God and Satan, or all the kings of the earth, that
will end the world.
Revelations is a vision of the Apostle John. Few bodies of writing
have been analyzed more closely and interpreted in a wider variety of
ways, with the result that humankind has been braced for the cataclysmic Armageddon for about 2000 years now. It was “definitely”
World War I, World War II, the Gulf War, 9/11/01, the onset of polio,
the onset of AIDS, the Holocaust, the appearance of the Hale-Bopp
comet, and, farther back in history, a few total eclipses, earthquakes,
tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. I still love the story of the Armageddon that was “definitely” going to end life on earth when the calendar
changed from 999 to 1000. At the stroke of midnight, countless panicstricken people around the world went running out into the streets in
uncontrollable hysteria. Wouldn’t you love to know how long they
stayed out there before they got bored and went home to bed?
(And while we’re busy snickering over those poor, unsophisticated
fools, let’s pause to count how many people we know who squirreled
away vast amounts of bottled water and canned goods, built underground shelters, cashed out their bank accounts, bought gas masks
and loaded up on first aid supplies when the calendar changed from
1999 to 2000.)
Don’t misunderstand. I’m a big believer in “better safe than sorry.”



But every bit as strongly I believe that a life lived in a hard hat,
crouched in the corner of a basement, is a life wasted.
With all respect to the Apostle John, I have never read a prophecy
(including my own) that’s guaranteed to be one hundred percent accurate. God is the only one-hundred-percent-accurate Being, and the
rest of us can only listen and interpret as closely and precisely as
I’ve also never read a prophecy (including my own) that pinpoints
the date of the real Armageddon, when/if such a thing exists. Again, if
that’s something God knows, He’s clearly decided there’s no benefit in
letting us in on it. As some of you might be aware, I’ve written a whole
book of prophecies that take us to the year 2100. After 2100, I don’t
see a thing. That could mean that in 2100 the earth goes dark. It
could just as easily mean that a century is as far ahead as my prophetic
gift allows me to see. Your guess is as good as mine, which is inevitably
the case when it comes to doomsday prophecies.
And I’ve most certainly never read a prophecy about an oncoming
Armageddon that doesn’t offer hope. For better or worse, we’re the
hope. Whether or not there’s an Armageddon isn’t up to God, or some
imaginary creature with horns and a pitchfork. Defusing the Armageddon prophecy is an absolute option that rests in the hands of humankind, and our willingness to start being actively responsible for
this earth and its citizens for whose care we’ve been entrusted.
According to the Apostle John, later in Revelations (22:1–2), “Then
he [an Angel] showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city [the new Jerusalem]; also, on either side
of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its
fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the
Crystal rivers, thriving fertile trees, the healing of nations. We can
make those things happen, or we can wait for God to come down and

Sylvia Browne


do it. But since He’s not the one who made this mess we’re in, why
should He be responsible for cleaning it up?
From the Inca Q’ero shamans:
“Follow your own footsteps
Learn from the rivers,
The trees and the rocks.
Honor the Christ,
the Buddha,
your brothers and sisters.
Honor the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit.
Honor yourself and all of creation.
Look with the eyes of your soul and engage the essential.”
From the Aborigines:
“We’ve got to learn to love one another.
You see, that’s really what’s going to happen to the earth.
We’re going to have tidal waves.
We’re going to have earthquakes.
That’s coming because we don’t consider this land as our Mother.
We’ve taken away the balance, and we’re not putting it back.”
From author, metaphysicist and prophet Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:
“Mankind can be saved by returning to its spiritual values.”

And probably no one put it more plainly, less poetically and more
eloquently than the brilliant Sir Winston Churchill:
“If you go on with this nuclear arms race, all you are going to do is
make the rubble bounce.”

So yes, 2,000 years ago the concept of Armageddon, the last battle,
the end of the world, was presented to us, and ever since then we’ve



ignored the rest of the story—that if it comes, it won’t be inflicted
upon us by God, it will be our own greedy, careless, irresponsible, lazy,
ego-driven self-fulfilling prophecy.
This one’s from me:
“Armageddon is inevitable only if we let it be.”

Astral Catalepsy
You’re sound asleep when suddenly you’re jarred awake by one or
more of the following frightening sensations:

✴ shortness of breath, often from some oppressive weight on the
✴ being touched by something or someone lewd or menacing, but
✴ an overwhelming vibration
✴ being pinned down and prevented from moving by an unseen
evil presence
✴ loud noises, from a buzz or hum to a blaring clamor as if fifty different radio stations are blasting at the same time
✴ the appearance of strange lights
✴ a certainty that a threatening entity is sitting on the bed or moving the bedclothes
If any of the experiences on that list have happened to you, please
take heart: You’re not losing your mind, you’re not in any real danger
and you’re certainly not alone. In fact, cultures around the world have
created folklore that dates back hundreds of years to explain these
phenomena, from witches to a giant devil to an old hag to a baby
ghost. And some UFO enthusiasts attribute it to the results of painful
experiments during alien abductions.
In truth, though, the explanation for all of those sensations when

Sylvia Browne


they jar you from a sound sleep is an unnerving but fascinating occurrence called astral catalepsy.
The term “astral catalepsy” was coined around 1930 by a researcher
named Sylvan Muldoon, who spent much of his life recording the astral trips his spirit took during the night while his body slept. The first
of those trips that he was aware of, when he was twelve years old, illustrates beautifully the birth of his intensive study of what he’d heard
referred to until then only as “sleep paralysis.”
Muldoon’s first recorded astral trip during sleep started with his
waking up in the middle of the night to find himself unable to move,
see or hear, with a painful sense of severe pressure on his head. As his
senses and ability to move slowly returned, and the pressure on his
head subsided, he realized that he was actually outside his body, floating above his bed and able to look down at himself and watch himself
sleep. He was conscious of his spirit being pulled from a horizontal
position to a vertical one as it left his body, and of embarking on a very
detailed tour of the house in which he, in his spirit form, was able to
move with great ease through doors and walls. He also was very aware
of trying to shake his parents awake because he was afraid of what
was happening to him, but they never seemed to feel him touching them.
And then, when he was above his body again, his spirit was pulled
back into a horizontal position, and he experienced the same paralysis,
loss of senses and pressure on his head that he’d gone through earlier.
After a feeling of being jerked abruptly back into his body, he sat bolt
upright in bed in a complete panic, able to remember and immediately write down the whole sequence of events with crystal clarity.
Sylvan Muldoon had an advantage in that experience that few who
go through astral catalepsy enjoy—he had full memory of all the
events before and after the sleep paralysis occurred, which gave him a
context for what had happened to him. Without that context, it’s no
wonder astral catalepsy feels like such a terrifying assault. So here’s
the context, and the explanation behind it.



Several times a week, whether we’re aware of it or not, our spirits
take temporary breaks from our bodies during sleep to go visiting, exploring and simply running free outside the confines of these goofy
earthbound vehicles we occupy while we’re here. These breaks are as
refreshing and nourishing for our spirits as they are for our conscious
minds, not to mention a frequent reminder that our spirits can and do
thrive as the separate, eternal entities they are, no matter what happens to our mortal bodies. (Also see “Astral Projection” and “Astral
The vast majority of the time, our spirits slip into and out of our
bodies with the greatest of ease, without disturbing our sleeping conscious minds for a moment. But on rare occasions, depending on the
level of sleep the conscious mind happens to be in, it can “catch” the
spirit coming or going from the body. And in its less-than-alert state,
the conscious mind, realizing the spirit is half in and half out of its
body, jumps to an obvious conclusion: The body must be dying. It
panics and promptly sends “you’re dying!” signals to the body that correspond exactly to many of the sensations of astral catalepsy—the paralysis, the loss of the senses, the inability to breathe or cry out for
help; a whole series of physiological and neurological “short circuits.”
But when the conscious mind realizes that the spirit is safe and sound
in the body again and it’s not dying after all, the signals stop, the sensations subside and another jarring but ultimately harmless incident is
over with.
It’s also worth pointing out that the spirit world we’re part of when
we astrally travel is a whole other dimension than the one we live in
here on earth. The spirit world’s vibrational frequency is much higher
than earth’s, not to mention the fact that gravity and other earthly
laws of physics don’t exist there. So a half-asleep conscious mind
catching its spirit literally traveling from one dimension to another,
from weightlessness to gravity, could understandably be jolted awake
by perceptions of noises (like sonic booms) and oppressive heaviness.

Sylvia Browne


“Understandable” doesn’t necessarily make it any less frightening
while it’s happening, of course, but it’s also affirming proof that while
we sleep, our spirits are off having beautiful adventures, reunions and
Homecomings for our benefit whether we’re consciously aware of
them or not.

Astral Projection
Astral projection is the simple and surprisingly common process of the
spirit taking temporary breaks from the body that houses it. The break
might be momentary, and the spirit might stay in close proximity to
the body, for the sheer exercise of it. Or it might be a more distant experience in which the spirit projects itself to some specific location,
which in the dimension of the spirit realm takes no longer than the
blink of an eye.
A client recently told me a story that perfectly illustrates the instantaneous and sometimes unintentional nature of an astral projection experience. She was in a meeting with several other executives at
a major communications company in Houston. One moment she was
seated in her designated chair at the long oval conference table, glancing with no conscious concern out the bank of windows at the city
skyline. The next moment she was in the backseat of an Explorer that
was careening wildly off an ice-covered mountain road and crashing
down a rocky embankment, landing upside down among a stand of
massive pines. She saw her husband behind the wheel, his airbag deployed, the left side of his head covered with blood and the Explorer’s
driver’s window fractured. She saw her brother in the passenger’s seat,
his airbag deployed as well, unconscious, his head hanging at such
an odd angle that she knew his neck was broken. He was pinned in
place by the passenger’s side of the vehicle, which had crushed in
around him against a tree. She vaguely noticed a chaotic array of groceries scattered everywhere around her in the backseat, and the seeming



impossibility that in this otherwise awful, grotesque silence, a football
game still blared loud and clear on the Explorer’s radio.
An instant later she was in the conference room again, so shaken
that she excused herself and rushed to her office to call the cabin near
Vail, Colorado, where she was joining her husband and brother that
weekend for a skiing vacation. She looked at the clock as she waited
for someone to answer. It was 3:36 P.M. When no one answered at the
cabin, she tried both her husband’s and her brother’s cell phones, her
heart in her throat when neither phone even rang.
In the blurry days and weeks that followed she learned more and
more of the details. The Explorer had hit a patch of black ice and careened off the road on a trip back to the cabin from the grocery store
in the mountain village a few miles away. A driver coming from the
opposite direction witnessed the accident and called 911 at 3:24 P.M.
Houston time. My client’s husband died instantly of a skull fracture as
a result of his head hitting the driver’s side window. Her brother died
of a broken neck on the way to the hospital. A paramedic at the scene
commented later that there was something jarring about the sound of
that football game still blaring away as if nothing had happened.
See what I mean? Astral projection, a spirit trip from a conference
room in Houston to a winding mountain road in Colorado, in less time
than it takes to say the words. In this case, as much as my client loved
her husband, it was her profound spirit connection to her brother,
from this and many other lives, that propelled her to his side when she
knew he was about to head Home.
A perfect example of how, even here on earth, the laws of time,
distance and gravity become irrelevant when the spirit takes over.
So closely related to astral projection that they’re almost indistinguishable is the phenomenon of astral travel. But very often, as you’re
about to see, during astral travel we actually experience the trip itself
as well as the destination.

Sylvia Browne


Astral Travel
Few activities sound more
foreign but come more naturally to us than astral travel.
Astral travel is nothing more
than our spirits taking a
break from these cumbersome, gravity-challenged bodies they’re housed in and
taking off to visit whomever
or wherever we want. It was
astral travel that brought us
here from the Other Side,
when our spirits entered their
chosen bodies, and it’s astral
travel that will take us Home
again. We’re born knowing
Astral Travel
how to travel astrally, we
routinely travel astrally while
we sleep (an average of two or three times a week, in fact), astral travel
lies at the core of some of our most vivid and memorable “dreams,”
and we can thank astral travel for the fact that victims of comas and
severely debilitating illnesses are only struggling physiologically, while
their spirits are busily, joyfully dashing from one journey to the next.
There’s no limit to the people and places we can visit in our astral
travels. We routinely meet loved ones, both living and departed, from
this life and past lives, as well as dear friends we haven’t shared an incarnation with but are very close to back Home. We routinely travel
the globe revisiting places we’ve loved, we routinely check up on people we miss or are worried about and we routinely go to the Other
Side, that place of places we’re most Homesick for of all.
Our most frequent astral trips occur while we’re sleeping, so it’s



not surprising that those trips are usually mistaken for dreams. There
are some simple ways to tell them apart, though:

If you dream you’re flying without benefit of an airplane or other
external means, it’s not a dream. You’re traveling astrally. And not
all astral travel “dreams” involve flying, by the way. Like everyone
else, including you, I astrally travel to the Other Side several
times a month while I sleep, and to the best of my knowledge
I’ve never had a dream in which I’m flying by my own power.


Astral-travel experiences, unlike dreams, unfold in a logical sequence of events, just as waking experiences do, rather than in a
haphazard jumble of images, people and locations.


Any dream you’re not only part of but actually view yourself in
isn’t a dream, it’s an astral experience. You’ve heard story after
story of people looking down from the ceiling at themselves during meditation, surgery, unconsciousness or comas. The same
phenomenon happens during “dreams” for exactly the same
reason—for the time being, you and your body are separate, and
there’s definitely a certain curious fascination with finding yourself able to observe yourself in action as an “outsider.”

Once we’ve left our bodies, we actually have three speeds of astral
travel to choose from. The first speed is the least disorienting—our
spirits move at the same pace our bodies do when we’re walking. The
intermediate speed is fast enough to create the illusion that we’re
standing still while everything around us is flying past us from front to
back. It’s often accompanied by the sensation of moving against a
roaring wind, which is actually not wind at all but our own rapid forward movement instead. At supernormal speed, our spirits can travel
incomprehensible distances faster than our finite minds can imagine,
to the point where we might remember our destinations and what we

Sylvia Browne


did while we visited, but we have no awareness at all of how we got
there and how we got back. If you’ve ever had an uncannily realistic
dream of exploring a distant planet or touring a newly discovered
galaxy halfway across the universe, chances are you’ve experienced astral travel at supernormal speed.
Some of you believe astral travel is possible but not something you
can do yourself. Others of you believe astral travel is just another one
of those myths we paranormal nutcases hope you’re gullible enough to
fall for. I’ll respectfully leave you to your beliefs, secure in my certainty
that one of these days you’ll take an astral trip too clear and too powerful to explain away. Then, when someone tells you it was just your
imagination, or you’re simply crazy, you’ll know how the rest of us feel.

We know that God didn’t create anything haphazard in this universe
but instead designed every detail with great deliberation. So it’s no
wonder we’re constantly searching His creation for the key that will
break His code and allow us finally to read and interpret His plans for
the future of the world, and for us.
And what more obvious place to keep searching than the cosmos—
magnificent, unfathomable, filled with mystery and unanswered questions, making us feel so tiny but at the same time so in awe of this
eternal infinity in which we have the honor to be included? Why
wouldn’t we look to the sun, moon and stars, with their perfect, divine
order, and suspect that He’s written messages among them?
Astrology, of course, is a result of our search for those messages,
for understanding His plans and, if we can, get an edge on them. It’s
an ancient art, consulted by everyone from pharaohs, emperors, kings
and presidents to the most common of us, an equal opportunity messenger with something new to say to each of us every day if we insist
on watching it that closely. Its best-used intention is to suggest, not



dictate, the options and obstacles in our path and our most beneficial
responses to them.
Since there are hundreds if not thousands of books on astrology,
and its vast popularity precedes us all (this time around), it’s hard to
imagine that any of you don’t know that the astrology chart, aka the zodiac, is made up of twelve sun/natal signs, each with its own ruling
planet and each designated by a specific segment of the calendar.
Those sun signs are:
ARIES—ruled by Mars—March 21 to April 19
TAURUS—ruled by Venus—April 20 to May 20
GEMINI—ruled by Mercury—May 21 to June 21
CANCER—ruled by the Moon—June 22 to July 22
LEO—ruled by the Sun—July 23 to August 22
VIRGO—ruled by Mercury—August 23 to September 22
LIBRA—ruled by Venus—September 23 to October 23
SCORPIO—ruled by Pluto—October 24 to November 21
SAGITTARIUS—ruled by Jupiter—November 22 to December 21
CAPRICORN—ruled by Saturn—December 22 to January 19
AQUARIUS—ruled by Uranus—January 20 to February 18
PISCES—ruled by Neptune—February 19 to March 20

Every sign is characterized by a set of character/personality traits,
tendencies and habits. And if the astrology story ended with our sun
signs, we’d be one boring, predictable planet full of people.
Our sun signs, though, are only the beginning of the cosmic influences that are factored in to make up the totality of our charts, and of
our unique identities. Very simply put:

defined by the position of the Sun at the moment of our birth, is our inner self, the “real us,” our most basic
outlook on life.

Sylvia Browne



also called our “rising sign,” defined by which
sign is rising above the horizon at the moment of our birth, is our
core essence, the “spine” of our character.


defined by the position of the Moon at the
moment of our birth, is kind of a sum total of our personality and
emotional makeup.

Again, while we tend to categorize ourselves and each other by our
sun signs, which definitely do influence us, it’s important to recognize
that our ascendants and our moon signs deeply influence our characters and our personalities as well.
But wait. There’s more. (And we’re still only scratching the surface.)
The signs of the zodiac are also divided into categories according to
the four basic earth elements.
THE AIR SIGNS, whose orientation tends toward their intellect,

are Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.
THE WATER SIGNS, more emotionally oriented, are Cancer,
Pisces and Scorpio.
THE EARTH SIGNS, the practical ones among us, are Capricorn,
Virgo and Taurus.
THE FIRE SIGNS, with a tendency toward ambition, are Aries,
Sagittarius and Leo.
Then there are the “sister signs,” six signs away or directly opposite
each other on the astrological chart—Libra and Aries, for example. Sister
signs tend to complement each other, like twins, even though their ruling
elements are different—in this case, for example, one is an air sign and
the other is a fire sign. Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius, and Virgo and Pisces are the other
sister signs who tend to balance each other when they get together.



Which is not to imply for a moment that when looking for a partner
or spouse you should rush straight into the arms of a sister sign. In fact,
I’m not an advocate of anyone choosing or avoiding anyone on the basis
of his/her sun sign. Again, the ascendant and the moon sign are too influential over character and personality traits to dismiss so easily.
One of the most fascinating aspects of astrology that you may not
be aware of, that will make even more sense to you when you read the
section on the Chart, is that we actually predetermine every major, minor and trivial cosmic influence in our individual astrological makeup
before our spirit even enters the fetus. When we write the detailed
chart for our upcoming lifetime, we specify the exact time, date and
location of our birth—also known as the basics on which every astrological identity and progression are calculated.
Finally, either to amuse or annoy you, I’ll give an extremely brief
thumbnail sketch of each sun sign’s most general tendencies. If you
find yourself starting to get offended, reread the above sentence about
the shortsightedness of dismissing your ascendant and your moon
sign, and/or sit down and read this with an Aries—they tend to have a
great sense of humor about themselves, and it wouldn’t do the rest of
us any harm for some of that to rub off.
✴ ARIES—both

impulsive and compulsive; intensely loyal; tend to
keep proving the same point over and over and over again until
they’re convinced of your intelligence; mortally offended if you
turn your back on them when they’re talking to you; dislike
change; need their own space; resist authority

✴ TAURUS—when

ascendant and moon sign are also Taurus, aka
a “triple Taurus,” I’m sorry, but boring; chronically act dense for
attention; verbalization patterns tend to be either poetic or overly
verbose; stubborn; slow to forgive; artistic; care deeply about
ecology and neatness; not family oriented but very protective of
loved ones; sentimental about birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Sylvia Browne


✴ GEMINI—avid

talkers; cautious about forming friendships; selfconscious; very concerned with learning; changeable and multifaceted; fun; easygoing yet fickle and difficult to keep grounded

✴ CANCER—home-loving

and protective; frugal; maudlin and martyred; given to excess; great animal lovers; intensely selective;
prone to moodiness but admirably fight it; easily hurt; will tell
the same story eighty-five times and leave out the punch line
eight-five times

✴ LEO—great

determination; insecure with loud barks; strong fidelity; heartbroken if hurt but enraged if someone they love is hurt;
hate to lie, hate liars more; not fond of hard work but yearn for material wealth; hate to lose; too often let others form their opinion of
themselves; more psychic about events than about people

✴ VIRGO—promiscuous,

with usually prim exterior; organized and
meticulous; good with people; obsessive about colors, finishing
what they start, making lists; hypersensitive; able to be deeply,
faithfully in love with two or three people at once; better supporters than front-runners in an organization; dislike change;
permissive but inconsistent parents


(my sign)—natural-born mediators; tend to jump from
subject to subject when talking; affectionate; magnanimous but
paradoxically secretive; bad tempers; resent unsolicited advice;
exceptional love of beauty; empathetic, but see illness and selfpity as weakness; despise ingratitude; honest to a fault; equal
balance of male and female sides

✴ SCORPIO—guided

by their genitals but very goal oriented; not
prone to verbalize their thoughts; want to change the world;
cover all their bases, personally and professionally; take charge,
but slow to battle; innately secure; loners; approach life with
their own set of truths; natural stamina; great teachers



analytical; love mind-involved issues; in
constant need of validation; anxiety-ridden; quick-witted; love to
postulate no matter what the subject; need space and freedom
but extremely faithful; soft-hearted but capable of being vindictive; blunt; highly intellectualized

✴ CAPRICORN—strongest

sign of the zodiac (argue all you like);
intellectualized emotion; love obstacles; analytical to a fault;
brilliant retentive memories; won’t tolerate phobias in themselves; great humanitarians; not vindictive; flexible to others’
opinions; fastidious about clothing and neatness; comfortable
with set patterns

✴ AQUARIUS—natural born teachers; more comfortable with groups

than with one-on-one relationships; love to dance, love water
and the ocean; introverted while extroverted, as if always containing a hidden compartment; slow to anger but furious when
they get there; romantic; very ingenious; hate injustice
✴ PISCES—the most intently metaphysical sign of the zodiac; thrive

on compliments, but not empty flattery; deeply sensitive to slights
and insults and rarely suffer in silence when offended; need romance, not just sex, in relationships; avid readers, students and
note-takers; stubborn but flexible if they see they’re wrong; great
secret-keepers; despise prejudice and bigotry in any form; quick
to defend others who are being treated unfairly

Once upon a time, 11,000 years ago, according to Plato, there was a
continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called Atlantis. Its
population was very wealthy, sophisticated and powerful, thriving
through a vast array of natural resources, extensive commerce with

Sylvia Browne


Europe and Africa and weather so uniquely nurturing that Atlanteans
enjoyed not one but two annual harvests of the widest imaginable variety of crops. The animal kingdom flourished on Atlantis as well in this
peaceful, beautiful island nation.
The first king of Atlantis was Atlas, eldest son of the sea god Poseidon and mortal Cleito. A gold statue of Poseidon in a chariot drawn by
winged horses gilded the most central hill of the continent, where
Cleito raised Atlas and his many brothers. The hill was surrounded by
concentric circles of land and water, placed there by Poseidon to protect and provide for his beloved family.
Beyond the farthest circle of water from the hill stood the city of
Atlantis, where most of the population of the continent lived. Hundreds of miles of plains surrounded the city, and to the north of the
plains, mountains rose.
Slowly but surely the idyllic lives of the Atlanteans became insidiously infected with the corruption of greed, lust and an insatiable
hunger for power. Zeus, the mighty god of the sky, looked angrily down
at the moral wasteland Atlantis had become and summoned the other
gods to exact an appropriate punishment for this ungrateful nation
who’d been given so much.
And that punishment was so vast, so violent and so all-consuming
that in one massive spasm of attacks from the sky, the sea and all of
nature, the continent of Atlantis, all its wealth, all its wisdom, all its
beauty and all its people were swallowed whole by the ocean, where
they lie to this day in their watery tomb.
Plato told that story in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias around
350 B.C. It was, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, the first written reference to a continent called Atlantis. And ever since, the debate has
raged on: Was it fiction or nonfiction?
One of literally thousands of philosophers and prophets who
stated with great authority that Atlantis was and will be again a very
real continent was Madame Helena Blavatsky. In her book called The



Secret Doctrine, written in 1888, she predicted that both Atlantis and
its Indian Ocean counterpart Lemuria will reappear, and added, “The
elevated ridge in the Atlantic basin, 9,000 feet in height, which runs
from a point near the British Islands, first slopes toward South
America, then shifts almost at right angles to proceed in a south-easterly
line toward the African coast. . . . This ridge is a remnant of an
Atlantic continent. . . . Could it be traced further, it would establish
the reality of a submarine horseshoe junction with a former continent
in the Indian Ocean. . . . An impenetrable veil of secrecy was thrown
over the occult and religious mysteries taught [on Atlantis], after the
submersion of the last remnant of the Atlantean race, some 12,000
years ago.”
Which anyone could say, let’s face it, given the limited number of
ways to prove them wrong in 1888. But more than one hundred years
later, in March of 1996, Discover magazine published and described a
series of satellite photographs that seemed to confirm the geographic
imagery Madame Blavatsky couldn’t possibly have witnessed herself:
“The Midatlantic Ridge snakes down the center of that ocean . . .
off Greenland to the latitude of Cape Horn. . . . Under South
Africa, the Southwest Indian Ridge shoots into the Indian Ocean
like a fizzling rocket, or perhaps like the trail of some giant and cartoonish deep-sea mole.”

If she were right about the geography, as many others have been,
wouldn’t it be silly not to at least keep an open mind to the possibility
that maybe she was right about the reality of Atlantis as well, and the
likelihood of both Atlantis and Lemuria emerging from their respective oceans again someday?
For the record, I couldn’t agree with her more. We will see Atlantis
and Lemuria rise into existence again. In fact, it’s a promise, before
the end of this century.

Sylvia Browne


Your aura is the Life Force, also called the “etheric substance,” that
emanates from within you and surrounds your body like a subtle oval
cloud of varying density. Some think of it as being made of energy.
Others think of it as being made of electricity. I think: Use any word
that helps you picture a projected power field that those around you
undeniably sense and respond to, whether they’re consciously aware
of it or not, and some are even able to see.
Every aura contains all the colors of the rainbow, but the dominant
outer colors vary depending on our physical and emotional health. Red
indicates extreme anger, for example. Black is a sign of physical illness. Grief and depression show up as a murky yellow-green. A dark
entity (see the section on the Dark Side) or an unhealthy ego (one
with a chronically abusive sense of entitlement) will be the brownblack color of mud. Green implies health, and blue is a transmission
of heightened awareness. Any of these colors are capable of “spiking,”
looking very much like a sunspot flaring up from the surface of the
sun, when the root cause of the color has a sudden surge of strength
or, if it’s illness, grief or depression, a sudden downward spiral.
One commonly ignored fact is that, except when you’re dealing
with dark entities, there are three core bands of constant color and
strength at the base of every aura. A band of white, the emanation of
the Holy Spirit within us, is closest to the body. Next is gold, the innate dignity of our divine birthright. The third is purple, the glow of
the sacred lineage of our spirit. These three inseparable core bands
have a total thickness of no more than four to five inches. So to those
of you who are able to see auras, please remember that the flares of
color you’re probably “reading” are temporary physical or emotional
conditions. If you want to see a person’s true character, look to see if
bands of white, gold and purple form the aura’s foundation.
Another fact that none of us probably recognize as often as we
should is that we can make an active decision to project our core auras



when we enter a room full of people, which is the most positive force
field we can possibly offer. We know we can project our negative
auras. We’ve all done it, whether we meant to or not, and we’ve all experienced it: Someone who’s in an angry, violent, self-pitying or deeply
depressed mood walks into a perfectly comfortable group and, without
saying or doing a thing, reduces the group to an equally moody bunch
of human thunderclouds. It’s such a common phenomenon that we
rarely go to a party of more than ten or twelve people without actually
expecting at least one bucket of cold water to come walking in sooner
or later. But a projected negative aura by any other name can still ruin
a good time.
Projecting our core positive aura is as simple as forming the image.
The bands of white, gold and purple, when combined and projected,
form a bright, almost fluorescent glow of dusty mauve with a tinge of
gold. As you enter a room in which you want to try this for yourself,
simply picture the room being bathed in a golden mauve that’s flowing
from you as if you had turned on a strong, free-flowing tap.
One word of caution, though: Don’t get discouraged if your effort
isn’t a success each and every time. What with this being earth and
all, a negative aura has a range of about 150–200 feet when it’s projected, compared to a positive aura, whose projected range averages
thirty to forty feet. If you doubt that, just watch the next time a happy
person arrives at a party or workplace, closely followed by an unhappy
person, and see which one of them affects the crowd more. My
money’s on the unhappy person every time. It’s unfortunate but true,
which is why you’ll find a section on Tools of Protection later in this
It’s not just us humans on this earth who are blessed with auras.
Every living thing has one, because every living thing is partly composed of energy, or a Life Force, and therefore every living thing emanates that Life Force from within itself. We’ll discuss that at greater
length in the section on Kirlian photography, a method by which auras
are captured on film. For now, the truth to be focused on and cher-

Sylvia Browne


ished is that these universal auras we have in common all come from
the same Source, which means that we have the honor of a divine
connection with all living things. What an immediate, stunning difference we’d make in this world if we’d just catch on to the simple, obvious fact that by abusing the life around us we’re abusing ourselves,
but by nurturing it, we finally begin to thrive again.

Axis Mundi
“Axis mundi” is an ancient term, thousands of years old and of debatable origin, that refers to the pivot around which the earth or the entire cosmos revolves. It’s the center of existence or, as I once heard it
referred to, “God’s navel,” which really crystallized the image for me.
Axis mundi is more concept than fact, obviously, and purely a matter of culture and belief systems. Some would argue that if there is an
axis mundi, it’s Jerusalem, or Bethlehem. Others would swear it’s
Mecca, or the Vatican, or the Great Pyramids, or Stonehenge. Still
others insist the axis mundi would be a purely natural phenomenon,
particularly a variation on the symbolic Tree of Life, with branches
reaching toward heaven and roots penetrating the core of the earth.
And then, of course, there are those who think it’s just plain egocentric to limit the search for the axis mundi to our little planet and
instead believe it’s probably the sun or the Milky Way or some distant
galaxy we don’t even know exists yet.
I frankly don’t know or care what the real axis mundi is, or even if
there is such a thing. I just happen to love the idea of it, and the ageold worldwide theories and legends about it.

There is duality in every living aspect of this infinite universe, and that
includes its Creator. There is a Father God, omnipotent, perfect, allloving and all-knowing.



And there is a Mother God. Her name is Azna. She is the counterpart of the Father, worshipped as His equal and His complement for
more than twenty thousand years.
The Father God is the intellect of creation, the constant, unchanging Unmoved Mover.
Azna, the Mother God, is the emotion. She can move, nurture, intervene and interfere. Earth is the most emotionally driven of the
inhabited planets, so the relationship between Azna and earth is espe-

Azna, the Mother God

Sylvia Browne


cially close as She takes form from time to time to create miracles.
Witnesses at Lourdes, Fatima and Guadalupe called her the Blessed
Mother when She appeared to them; by whatever name She’s called,
the Mother God is the harmonizer, the active helper, the keeper of
life. Her dominion is all living things on earth, from which the cherished image of Mother Nature was inspired. She’s been called the
Lady of Lotus by Buddhists, as well as Ashara, Theodora, Sophie and
Isis in faiths and cultures throughout the world for centuries upon
Without the all-knowing, all-perfect intellect of the Father God,
we would be pure emotion. Without Azna, we would be pure intellect,
without the instinctive empathy that tells even the most unconditional
eternal love when a hand needs to be held or a comforting hug
Azna has been worshipped, by many names and in many cultures,
since at least as far back as the ancient Greeks, who called her Gaea,
the Mother Goddess who brought forth the sky, the mountains and
the sea. In approximately 415 B.C. Plato wrote of her, calling her Ge.
The Romans revered her by the name of Terra Mater, or the Mother of
And then along came Christianity, and Western religion in general,
which, for all its magnificence, seemed determined from the beginning to become a patriarchy, starting with Eve, the first woman, but of
course created second, from Adam’s rib, as if she were simply an extension of him. Eve’s primary legacy seems to be the introduction of
sin into the paradise of the Garden of Eden. (If you think Eve was
shocking, by the way, read the section on Lilith, who, according to
Jewish mythology, was Adam’s first wife but was kicked out of the Garden for refusing to be submissive to him.) In a patriarchal religion,
there was no use for a Mother God, even as a complement to the
Father, a natural part of the Godhead in a creation that everywhere
else you look is a duality . . . created, as the Bible reminds us, in His



I can’t resist adding an observation by Joseph Campbell, the most
extraordinary teacher/mythologist of the twentieth century. There’s a
Babylonian myth in which the goddess Tiamat is killed by the god
Marduk. Marduk then blows Tiamat’s body to smithereens and, voilà,
the universe is created. Joseph Campbell’s review of this particular
myth, which sums up millennia of religious and mythological attitudes
toward Azna, by her many names and titles, reads:
“There was no need to cut her up and make the universe out of her,
because she was already the universe. But the male-oriented myth
takes over, and he becomes—apparently—the creator.”

So She is not a fad, a New Age or feminist invention, or an alternative to the Father God. She is simply what She always has been and
always will be—His motion, His emotion, the perfection that complements His perfection.
Whether you believe in Her or not, include Her in your prayers
from time to time. Thank Her for Her part in your creation if you
choose, and ask for some small gesture from Her just out of curiosity—an unexpected flower, a call from an old friend you haven’t
heard from in a very long time, something that will definitely catch
your attention, but be specific. Your belief in Her is not a condition of
Her generosity.
Like her counterpart, the other half of the Godhead who is the
Father God, Azna adores you, and your spirit’s greatest happiness is
Her joy.

The ancient legend of the banshee is centered in the mists of Ireland.
The word “banshee” originates from a Celtic word that means “woman
of the fairy,” and by varying accounts, banshees appear in the form of
tiny, bent old hags with wild white hair, or of towering, slender young
women with flowing long white hair. What banshees are most noted
for, though, is their piercing, unearthly wail, said to break glass for
miles around, alerting families to the death of a relative.
I love quaint cultural myths, don’t you?
It was 1978, and I was on my first trip to Ireland. Everything about
it enchanted me, and everything about it still does, by the way. It had
been a long trip, with several personal-appearance stops along the way,
and while my then-husband had no trouble falling asleep right after
dinner, I was still in some other time zone on some kind of adrenaline
overload and decided to leave the hotel and go for a calming evening
I know you don’t have to be psychic to feel an almost reverent
sense of history in countries as ancient and as passionate toward their
ancestry as Ireland. I was so preoccupied with the almost palpable images of the Celts and the Vikings and the farmers and the poor famine




victims that I barely noticed the small shops closing for the night, the
thick fog rolling in and the scenery around me becoming more rural.
What shocked me back to reality was a sound I’ll never forget in
this lifetime. It was the most deafening, tortured, unearthly scream I
ever hope to hear, so sharp it felt as if it penetrated me to the pit of my
stomach. I looked around, frantic, trying to pinpoint where it was
coming from, but the fog diffused it into a million sound bites so that
it seemed to be coming from everywhere. For a split second I thought
it must be someone in agonizing pain, but I’ve heard the pain of childbirth and the pain of horrible death, and they paled in comparison.
It’s an understatement to say that I don’t scare easily. I’ve seen,
heard, felt and experienced far too much since the day I was born to
be frightened by much of anything. But I have no trouble admitting
that that awful scream in the fog on that night in Ireland terrified me.
I’m not even sure my feet touched the ground as I ran back to the hotel, and before I knew it I was in my room, crying and still trembling,
waking my husband to tell him what had happened.
Both sides of his family were Irish, for as many generations back as
anyone had bothered to trace. He barely sat up and only half opened
his eyes as I gasped out the details of what had happened. When I finished he mumbled, almost bored, “You probably heard the banshee,”
and went right back to sleep.
“Thank you,” I thought, glaring at the back of his head. “Thank you
very much, you’ve been very helpful, that explains everything.”
He slept like a baby all night long. I couldn’t even get my eyes to
close. A banshee? Obviously I’d heard of them, without it ever occurring to me that there might actually be such a thing, and I still wasn’t
convinced. That horrifying scream was still echoing in my ears, but I
knew there had to be a more logical explanation than, “You probably
heard the banshee.”
The next morning I was just sitting down for breakfast in the small
restaurant bar when I heard the barman say to one of the locals at the
next table, “Did you hear Mrs. O’Flaherty died last night?”

Sylvia Browne


“No. Poor thing. What happened?”
“Heart attack, her son said. Very sudden,” the barman told him.
“Eighty-three years old, bless her heart.”
I was eavesdropping on this with increasing interest. Finally my
curiosity got the best of me, and I leaned toward them.
“Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing,” I said. “This woman who
passed away . . . do you happen to know where she lived?”
The Irish in general are friendly and happy to chat. Irish barmen
elevate it to an art form. “Mrs. O’Flaherty? Not even a mile from here,
just on the edge of town. Lovely house, too. Her great-grandfather
built it . . .”
I’m sure it was an interesting story, but at the moment I had something much more pressing on my mind. “By any chance, did her son
mention what time she died?”
“He did, in fact. He was on the phone with her when it happened,
how’s that for a shock? The stroke of 9:30, he said.”
9:30. I’d looked at the clock shortly after getting back to my hotel
room the night before. It had read a minute or two past 10:00.
I swear to you, I really, really tried to piece all this together and
make logical sense of it, based on everything I knew as a psychic, as a
college graduate and as a devout researcher. If banshees really existed,
fine, but what were they, where did they come from, and where did
they fit into the realm of the spirit world? And if they didn’t exist, that
still left the question of the source of that unimaginable, unspeakable,
soul-shattering scream.
So I did what I always do when my best efforts have left too many
holes in the story—I summoned my ultimate reliable source. And as
always my Spirit Guide Francine came to the rescue.
According to Francine, the shrill keening of the banshee that’s
been echoing through the Irish countryside for hundreds and hundreds of years is actually a lightning-in-a-bottle collaboration between
earthly physics and the spirit world. As a spirit leaves its body on
earth, it changes dimensions, traveling in a brilliant flash from our



lower frequency to the much faster, much more high-pitched frequency of the Other Side. It often sends strong telepathic signals to
loved ones as it goes, to alert them and bid them a temporary farewell,
and those signals have to change dimensions too, to reach their intended receivers on earth. Powerful telepathic energy, changing frequencies at blinding speed, is enough to cause the effect of a shrill
scream all by itself, which is sometimes even audible to the human
ear. But add the factor of the truly extraordinary Irish fog, which fills
the air with enough moisture to conduct and amplify that energy, and
it’s no wonder the legend of the banshee will always haunt that beautiful, mystical land.

You’ll see references to the words “bi-locate” and “bi-location”
throughout this book. It’s simply an ability, common to all residents of
the spirit world, to be, literally and not just figuratively, in two places
at once. With rare exceptions (see the section on Doppelgangers, for
example), this skill is limited to the spirit world for the most part (for
the time being) and doesn’t lend itself to earthly gravity.
I should add that, while I don’t claim to have what you’d call a rapt
interest in or talent for the sciences (and somewhere in my garage I
still have the report cards to prove it), I do understand that the ongoing
development of quantum physics is making phenomena like bi-location
look less and less like something only we goofy woo-woo people believe
in. One of the basic principles of quantum physics goes like this: It’s
possible to go from Point A to Point C without necessarily going
through Point B. Going from one location to another with the space in
between becoming irrelevant is called a “quantum leap.” Just the beginning of so many earthly absolutes we were taught as fact that are being thrown out the window as minds continue to open up. And if you
have any further questions about quantum physics and/or the quantum
leap, there’s no need to ask me; you can take it up with Einstein.

Sylvia Browne


A bleed-through is an event in which two separate times or dimensions come together with such intense spiritual force that for a brief
time they meet, blend and become one.
My first experience with a bleed-through is probably one of the
clearest examples I can offer, not to mention one of the most unforgettable incidents my church congregation and I have ever shared.
I was conducting a trance session one night, in which my Spirit
Guide Francine was speaking through me to a large group, telling the
story of Christ’s crucifixion at Golgotha in Jerusalem. There were fifty
or sixty tape recorders running, but except for Francine, using my
voice, the room was absolutely silent—the slightest noise can break
my trance. Francine and I can’t both inhabit my body at the same
time, so I never have any awareness or memory of what she says. But
from what I was told, and from hearing the tape later myself, it was a
very wrenching, emotional evening, with Francine making the crucifixion of Christ so real and so intensely personal that everyone there
felt as if they were weeping at the foot of the cross themselves.
My phone started ringing off the hook early the next morning. Six
of the people who had taped the session the night before, none of
whom had talked to each other, were anxious to play their tapes for
me, wondering if I could hear what they thought they were hearing or
if maybe they were just imagining things.
They weren’t imagining things. I could hear exactly what they were
hearing, and I didn’t let any of them tell me ahead of time what I was
listening for. It was unmistakable, shocking and impossible to miss:
On six of the tapes made that night, sometimes almost drowning out
Francine’s riveting narrative of Christ’s crucifixion, was the heartbreaking sound of people wailing and sobbing in unbearable grief.
On the forty-some other tapes made that same night, which I listened
to later, there was nothing but what everyone present was aware of
hearing—Francine’s voice, and complete, absolute silence.



I have no way of proving that the group that attended that trance
session was transported to Jesus’s cross 2,000 years ago on Golgotha.
But thanks to six simple tape recorders, I do have proof of a bleedthrough: two completely separate times and places, united by a common spiritual bond so divinely powerful that it transcended every
dimension and earthly law of time and space that would seem to make
it impossible.

The Boogeyman
I know. It seems like an odd, silly word to include in a book of paranormal terms. But I’m guessing every single one of you resonates to it.
If you were sitting in front of me at a lecture I’d ask you to raise your
hands if you were told when you were a child that if you didn’t behave,
or especially if you didn’t settle down and go to sleep, the boogeyman
would get you. And I would see the whole room full of hands go up.
You might not remember who told you that—if it wasn’t a parent or
perverse sibling, it was an aunt or uncle or grandparent or babysitter or
cousin. No one ever explained who this boogeyman was, where he
came from, what he looked like, where he might be hiding or what exactly “get you” entailed. And you didn’t ask. You especially didn’t ask
where he was hiding, because you already knew: He was either under
your bed, just waiting for you to dangle your hand or foot over the side
of the bed, or he was in that dark hell that by day looked so deceptively like an innocent closet. So there you’d lie, heart pounding, afraid
to even close your eyes, let alone fall asleep, because at the inevitable
moment when the boogeyman leapt out at you, you wanted to be
ready to run. And sure enough, the next morning, the same person
who gave you that parting shot about the boogeyman would be the
first one to scold you for being tired and cranky.
I’m not the first person to point out how idiotic it is to frighten our
children with threats of monsters as our lazy excuse for discipline, but
I’d love to be the last. I’d love to think we could finally get it through

Sylvia Browne


our thick heads that instilling a sense of peace, safety and security
about the dark might be healthier than instilling fear.
We might think being afraid of the dark is “natural,” but a more appropriate way of putting it might be “primitive,” or “uninformed.” True
enough, the caveman had to be on the lookout for nocturnal beasts
who might eat him or his family. That’s fair. But the mythology that
came later, that gave birth to vampires, and werewolves, and monsters
who created darkness by eating the sun, and the incubi and succubi
and baby-eating goblins who were rumored to run rampant through
your home while you slept, is no more “natural” and no more productive than the ever-present, age-old boogeyman.
What I think would be a truly wonderful replacement for any form
of the boogeyman talk that goes on with your children at bedtime
would be positive, supportive, educational conversations about beings
that really might show up in their rooms in the dark—the spirits, the
ghosts, the Angels, their Spirit Guides. You could teach them who
those people really are, where they came from, the differences between them and why ghosts need o